Spending Your Online Charity Dollars Wisely – “Crowdfunding”

It’s a cold, cruel world out there. Despite the stock exchanges reaching new heights, and companies returning to America in record numbers, countless homeless people can still be found in parks and on street corners in every city in our country, holding their dogeared cardboard signs of hopelessness and despair. The charities that serve these unfortunate people must compete every day for your charitable dollars and they are not alone. There is something new on the Internet horizon and it is fast becoming a major player in charity funding arena.

The Next American Idol Might Just Live In Wesley Chapel

Today, when you type “Zach” in Google search, it’s not the last name “Braff” or “Galifianakis” that pops up, but a lesser-known “D’Onofrio” immediately auto-populates.  Until his life changed on March 11, unless you knew the young man self-described as “funny, dorky, and nice,” you wouldn’t realize the significance of the search results.

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