Menu Depicting Tom and Ellie

Ellies Family Restaurant

“Hello guys! Welcome back, is good to see you again!” says Dino Mihalopoulos, owner of Ellie’s Restaurant. 

This Race Track Road gem is one of our favorite breakfast and lunch spots in the neighborhood for many reasons. First, the food is fantastic and the menu offers a wide variety of dishes. Second, the prices are very affordable, especially considering the quantity and quality of the food. Third, the casual environment and friendly staff makes you feel as if you were eating at a loving relative’s home. Last but not least, they are open seven days a week! 

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Dr. Michael Austin

Affinity Wellness Offers Alternative to Traditional Medicine

With 15 years of experience in emergency medicine, Dr. Michael Austin, D.O. decided he’d treated enough of the aftermath of health issues. That was the driving force ten years ago to go into functional medicine.  His goal is to help patients get off medication and to optimize their health. 

Dr. Austin, functional medicine doctor and founder of Affinity Wellness in Carrollwood is an expert in discovering the root cause of health issues – not simply medicating the symptoms.

 “We work on preventing illness and restoring people back to optimal health,” he explained. “Being told your labs are normal is not the same as being optimal – there’s a big difference. We know the optimal range where the body works its best. Just fitting you into a normal range is inadequate for healthy optimal body function.”

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