Barkdoll Massage Therapy Brings Therapeutic Massage to You at Home and Corporate Chair Massage to Your Office

Published on 15 June 2017 in Business
Karla Barkdoll, LMT and owner of Barkdoll Massage Therapy

Karla Barkdoll, LMT and owner of Barkdoll Massage Therapy

Massage is globally recognized as a beneficial therapeutic treatment that offers stress relief and aids in relaxation by helping to reduce anxiety, but more than that, therapeutic massage helps in healing.

Massage is clinically proven to improve circulation,range of motion and flexibility, while helping to relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, reduce inflammation, and shorten healing time after an injury. Because of these many benefits, more and more physicians are prescribing massage as a way to help patients to return to their jobs after work-related injuries,and the great news for local patients is that Barkdoll Massage Therapy recently began accepting Federal Worker’s Comp patients in the Tampa Bay Area.

Another great service that many employers are utilizing as away to show their appreciation to employees is Barkdoll Massage Therapy’s Corporate Seated Massage! Whatever your reason for wanting a massage, Barkdoll Massage Therapy makes it easy, affordable, and best of all,Barkdoll comes to you.Karla Barkdoll has been a licensed professional massage therapist since 2001, and her unique mobile massage business takes all of the stress out of your massage experience by bringing therapeutic massage services right to you – in your own comfortable space. Karla trained at the Baltimore School of Massage and is licensed in Maryland,DC, Virginia and Florida. She is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and is Nationally Board Certified.

“Your Health Is Your Wealth”

Barkdoll Massage Therapy’s philosophy “Your Health is Your Wealth” showcases Karla’s belief in the art of massage as a tool to increase the quality of your life, which is your greatest asset. Karla and her licensed massage therapists take the time to learn about their clients and any physical discomfort or problems they are having, so they can create a therapeutic massage protocol that will be most beneficial to each client. Their goal is to make sure that massage makes a difference in your life.

Barkdoll Massage Therapy offers a range of affordable massage therapy modalities. Swedish Massage is designed to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation and reduce stress,and many find that this massage is a great start to begin therapeutic treatment.Warm Stone Therapy, which is the art of using heated stones in combination with a Swedish massage, is a great method used to dissolve muscle tension and induce deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage is best for targeting specific areas to help with pain and inflammation, and this method is often used to help control chronic pain. This massage technique is perfect for those muscles that tense up while typing, driving or doing repetitive work. Karla says, “During deep tissue massages I use trigger points to specifically find the places where the work needs to be done.”Sports and Injury Rehab Massage combines the benefits of deep tissue massage with stretching, and can actually increase range of motion in joints.This type of massage is beneficial to those recovering from all kinds of injuries,whether sports-related, work related or from a car accident. Many times, Karla will use a combination of massage modalities for optimal results.

Barkdoll Massage Therapy also offers Pregnancy Massage and moms-to-be love the relaxing massage that utilizes special pillows that allow the future mom to rest comfortably, while safely supported. Safe for baby and serene for mommy, the pregnancy massage is a win for everyone!

Treat Your Employees to Corporate Seated Massage

Corporate Seated Massage is a wonderful way to make everyone at the office feel appreciated, relaxed and happy!

Corporate Seated Massage is a wonderful way to make everyone at the office feel appreciated, relaxed and happy!

Barkdoll Massage Therapy brings therapeutic massage services to you at work with Corporate Seated Massage– a fantastic way to improve morale and show your employees that they are appreciated. Corporate Seated Massage is a fully clothed, seated massage that can be done right at the office.This style of massage focuses on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, arms and hands.

Andy Wilson, CEO of Quiet Professionals,says, “We started out using Barkdoll Massage for our corporate staff in-house seated massage treatment twice monthly for 2 hours at a time. I found that the treatments created such a positive work environment it needed to occur more frequently. Karla now comes in for 4 hours one day every week and the staff loves it! I thas had such a positive impact that my wife adopted Barkdoll Massage for her staff at State Farm as well.”

Lori Meister shares, “During our first annual Wellness Fair at Vology we were thrilled to offer chair massages to all of our employees. It is such a great way to reward our employees and give them some much needed stress relief!Many of us forget how much time we spend sitting at our desks hunched over the computer, and don’t realize how much tension we carry. Just 10 minutes in the chair massage chair and you can feel the tension getting released from your neck and back. The team from Barkdoll Massage Therapy was wonderful and we will be using their services again.”

Been Injured at Work?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics,in 2015 over 3 million private industry and government workers sustained on the job injuries. Barkdoll Massage Therapy noticed this trend and has shifted their focus to assist injured employees in their recovery, and now proudly accepts Federal Worker’s Comp patients. They also accept State Workers’ Comp patients as long as the insurance carrier for the Workers’Comp claim approves the therapy.This is great news for those who have been prescribed massage therapy for a work-related injury.

If you are a Federal employee that has sustained an on the job injury and get benefits under FECA (Federal Employees Compensation Act), and have an approved claim with OWCP (Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs), Barkdoll Massage Therapy can get your therapy approved at no cost to you as long as you have a prescription from your treating physician and the massage therapy is medically necessary. They are able to do this because they have an OWCP expert on staff that has been working with Federal employees for over a decade. He is also able to answer any questions you might have regarding the claims process and can assist in representing you if that is what you need.

Karla says, “Some people might wonder, ‘Why would I get massage therapy for an injury because massage is just a way to pamper yourself?’ No tonly does therapeutic massage improve circulation, and increase range of motion and muscle flexibility, it also has been proven to shorten recovery time and even heal injuries. Massage also is excellent for pain management,can help to eliminate headaches, and can even help prevent future injuries by helping the body strengthen.”

Karla’s client Victor says, “Since starting my therapy with Karla of Barkdoll Massage Therapy, I have noticed a considerable decrease in the pain that I feel on a daily basis. Having chronic pain is not fun to deal with but I can now look forward to Karla coming twice a week since she and her staff got my therapy approved through OWCP (Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs). I did not realize the benefits that massage would have as I always thought massage was basically just a luxury to help you relax. Karla is great to work with because she keeps me informed about my progress that she notices from doing the massage.”

Another client, Melissa, says,“Once Karla’s staff got my massage approved through OWCP she has been coming to my house twice a week. It is nice to not have to worry about going to her due to the chronic pain I suffer from. She is excellent at working with you to see you on your schedule and always lets me know if she is running behind due to other appointments. She even has an OWCP expert on staff that can help with questions regarding OWCP and my claim. I highly recommend her as she is very experienced, always makes sure the technique she is using is not causing any pain and always asks how I am feeling and where I need the most work done for that session. Overall, an excellent experience using her as my therapist.”

Whether you want a massage just to relax and relieve stress or need it to recover from an injury, Barkdoll Massage Therapy and their team of therapists have you covered and will put your heath first. Remember, “Your Health is Your Wealth.”

Barkdoll Massage Therapy is an entirely mobile massage therapy business that comes to you. Karla Barkdoll (License # MA47546) is available 7 days a week from 9 a.m.– 9 p.m. To schedule an appointment or to request more information about massage packages,corporate events or gift certificates, call (727) 372- 6389 or email Karla at

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