Summer in Florida … hot, humid, and a great time to prepare for the SAT and ACT Exams with available time and the new SAT Exam on August 26th, and first ACT Exam on September 10th.  

Rising seniors like having the time to really focus and study with results known early in the fall. If strong, then no further prep or tests are needed; if not quite what desired, there is time to take it again.

Rising juniors like to see how well they can do, plus this is a perfect time to prep for the PSAT in October and have the best shot at a national merit scholarship.

Rising sophomores like the preparation, especially those aiming for “Top 25” or “Top 10” colleges and universities and possibly major scholarships. Some very good news is that the SAT finally gave in to pressure and added an exam in August.

Results will be back in time for UF admissions the first of November and applications for early admission to other colleges and universities, which has been a major problem with the SAT in prior years.The first ACT Exam of the fall is always scheduled for the early September.

I have many options for summer preparations. First, my prep classes can be taken individually, or the SAT and ACT can be combined which saves 15 class hours from taking them separately because of their overlapping material.

My classes can start in June after the last ACT exam on June 10th, or in July or early August, depending upon whether a student wants to take one or two classes a week, and how we need to schedule around family vacations, jobs, or other time requirements.

Make sure and check when your high school begins classes in early August because they keep starting earlier and earlier each year. Classes can be private or semiprivate, and my maximum class is three students.

Often, students have friends or “study buddies” they would like to prepare with.

I do like to schedule our Dress Rehearsal Exam and follow-up Review shortly before the actual exam. If you would like to talk with me further about your student and my summer classes, please contact me at 727-253-0639 or at

Dr. Wayne Adams is one of the leading SAT and ACT tutors in the country. His students normally improve 200 – 350 points on the Writing, Reading, and Math, and 4 – 7 points on the ACT composite. They have been admitted to eight of the top ten universities in the country, seventeen of the top twenty-five, and many schools in Florida. These schools include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford, U Chicago, Duke, U Penn, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Notre Dame, Emory, UC Berkley, UCLA, USC, UNC (Chapel Hill), NYU, Northeastern (Boston), Boston College, Georgia Tech, Air Force and Merchant Marine Service Academies, Penn State, LSU, Auburn, UF, U Miami, FSU, USF, UCF, Florida Atlantic, Florida Gulf Coast, FIU, New College of Florida, Stetson, and Julliard – Manhattan - New England - and Berkley Conservatories of Music. Many have received academic, athletic, or music scholarships.

This year, he also tutored three juniors who scored at the national merit finalist/semi-finalist levels on the most recent PSAT. He is a former Dean of a Graduate School of Business and Full Professor, and began college teaching at the University of Maryland in 1968. He has degrees and advanced studies at Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, Columbia International, and Luther Rice.

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Legends on Deck

Wade Boggs: Hometown Boy To Devil Rays Legend

When Wade Boggs signed with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays on December 9, 1997, it was an instant boost of credibility, as a perennial All Star and established veteran in the world of Major League Baseball signed on with one of the two new expansion teams coming into the league.

However, there was more to the story than just a baseball signing. Boggs graduated from Plant High School in Tampa in 1986 and his primary residence was in the Tampa Palms region of Tampa. He even owned and operated a fish farm, starting in 1986, called Finway, just south of Hawthorne, FL with his father.

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Faces of Courage

Faces of Courage is a small non-profit organization located in Tampa Bay, that offers free camps and events for women, men and children with cancer and blood illnesses. But do not let the word “small” throw you off. They have served over 7,500 cancer patients with day outing and weekend camps since they started back in 2004.

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The Significance of Early Childhood Reading and Writing

As a VPK teacher, and I want to express the importance of early childhood reading and writing. I gained interest in these subjects when my son was four years old and I asked myself, “What can I do to ensure that my son has a successful education?” Being a VPK teacher has taught me that both parents and teachers need to instruct the child early and help them improve their skills in reading and writing. It is important to teach children how to hold a book correctly, recognize letter sounds, know which letters are capitalized and lowercased.

Also, to hear and identify sounds in spoken words. Strong reading skills are important for young children, In order to identify those who struggle with reading as early as possible and to help them develop early literacy and learning skills. Through my experience in working with young children, phonological awareness is essential. It is the ability to hear and identify sounds, practice rhymes, and syllables. Introducing new vocabulary words to young children, like reading stories to them, can strengthen their skills in reading and writing.

My favorite books to read to children, in order to help them learn sounds and rhyming, are Dr. Seuss and Clifford “The Big Red Dog.” Through listening comprehension and understanding the meaning of words they frequently hear, gives young children motivation to read. Strong writing skills are important in pre-K for communication. The children are able to draw and describe their drawings with others.

To begin, children learn to write their names from left to right, top to bottom. Writing takes a lot of practice and I try to give them a lot of opportunities for children to improve their writing. During my experience, I observed as the children enjoyed learning letters and sounds in the classroom. By the end of the year, the children are able to recall information from books and gain knowledge on reading and writing. Teaching these skills to each child is important, in order to help them for their future.

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Wildfire Preparedness

Wildfires are a natural part of our beautiful landscape, so preparing our homes and families for wildfire is essential. Florida is currently experiencing elevated fire conditions.

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Our Partnership With The Rays = Tickets for our readers!

We have BIG NEWS!!! For the 4th year in a row, we have entered into an promotional partnership with the Tampa Bay Rays and they offered us six press level season ticket seats! This incredible package includes hundreds of tickets for amazing games during the entire season! And although we are a family owned and operated business with plenty of relatives and great friends here in the Tampa Bay area, who are huge Rays fans, there is no possible way we can make it to every single game.

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