Our Partnership With The Rays = Tickets for our readers!

Published on 15 June 2017 in News

We have BIG NEWS!!! For the 4th year in a row, we have entered into an promotional partnership with the Tampa Bay Rays and they offered us six press level season ticket seats! This incredible package includes hundreds of tickets for amazing games during the entire season! And although we are a family owned and operated business with plenty of relatives and great friends here in the Tampa Bay area, who are huge Rays fans, there is no possible way we can make it to every single game.

But we are always rooting for our Rays no matter where we are. After all, we are all about being loyal to local, especially when it comes to our sports teams!

Obviously we don’t want these prime, press level tickets going to waste, and who better to share them with than you, our loyal local readers.

So we came up with a contest to give you a chance to WIN BIG with tickets to go see the Rays.

Each month, starting in May and ending in September, we will give away multiple press level (sec.204) Rays’ tickets to 5 lucky winners.

One Grand Prize winner per month will receive 6 tickets and 2 parking passes.

Two 1st Runner Up winners will get 4 tickets and 1 parking pass, and the last two 2nd Runner Up winners will have fun at the ball park with 2 tickets and a parking pass.

This contest will be a lot of fun and we are really happy to give back to our community, for always supporting us. You make what we do possible, plain and simple.

We wish we could make every entry a winner. Good luck!

Here’s How to Enter! First thing you need to do is get on your computer or smart phone and show us some online love!

Like and Share Our Social Media Pages! Like our Facebook page: TampaBayNewsandLifestyles and follow us on instagram @TampaBayNews and share it with your friends.

The more you like our posts and interact with us on social media the more opportunities you have of winning!

Extra points will be awarded to those who give us an awesome and genuine review on Facebook. 5 stars go a long way! Good Luck and GO RAYS!

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