Faces of Courage

Published on 15 June 2017 in News

Faces of Courage is a small non-profit organization located in Tampa Bay, that offers free camps and events for women, men and children with cancer and blood illnesses. But do not let the word “small” throw you off. They have served over 7,500 cancer patients with day outing and weekend camps since they started back in 2004.

Even though Faces of Courage is located in Florida, women, men and children from all over the country attend some of the camps.

Faces of Courage is the first organization in the nation to tailor a women’s weekend camp for minority cancer survivors and is considered a leader in minority outreach and education.

Peggie Sherry, a cancer survivor herself, founded the camp. “I took my inheritance and I started Faces of Courage, and since 2004 we’ve had over 7,000 campers through the program, and all of the programs are free,” Peggie said.

Peggie managed to create a safe and fun environment, where people with any type of cancer or blood illnesses, can get away from the routine, and enjoy typical camp activities such as fishing and archery, but also massage and acupuncture.

While members naturally support one another, Faces of Courage is a camp, not a support group. Advice and help is readily available, but the organization primarily focuses on creating a fun, relaxed environment for women, men and children with cancer and other blood illnesses.

Each camp and / or program aims to create an environment free of judgment for campers to take a break from the everyday stresses of overcoming their illnesses.

Peggie said, “you see the transformation of someone who walks in scared to death of the c-word. When they leave, they can actively talk about their cancer. If you really just face it head on - your survival rate is pretty high.”

Since the programs and camps are provided at no cost (FREE) to the participants, Faces of Courage relies heavily on the support of the community to sponsor the campers.

It costs about $250 to host a camper for the weekend, so contributions are always needed and welcomed.

Some of the camps they will be hosting this year include; “The Women’s Cancer Retreats (two camps for women diagnosed with any type of cancer), Young Adults (ages 13 and up) and Kids (ages 2-12 years of age).

With the Young Adults and Kids they also include the well siblings at the programs. Allowing the young adults and children to bring a sibling helps them feel more at ease and comfortable during the experience.

2017 Faces Of Courage Camp Dates!

Young Adults Camp – June 2-4

Women’s Camp – September 8-10

Santa’s Workshop Weekend- Kids Camp – December 1-3

Faces of Courage is always thrilled to get the word out to cancer patients, potential volunteers and supporters.

Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles is always happy to assist organizations such as this one, so spread the word, after all, we are all about supporting our local community anyway we can.

If you would like to donate to this incredible organization, volunteer or enroll in a program or camp please visit their website: facesofcourage.wordpress.com or follow them on social media through their Facebook page at facebook.com/cancercamp

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