Realtor Gigi Gauthier is Truly “Dog’s Best Friend”

Published on 1 March 2016 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley

Gigi Gauthier

Gigi Gauthier

When you buy or sell a home under the guidance of Charles Rutenberg Realtor Gigi Gauthier, you are getting 17 years of experience working with new home sales, short sales, bank owned properties, buyers, sellers and investors – a woman who loves helping her clients and making their experience a stress-free process. 
“I love helping people find their perfect home and meeting new people,” she explained. “I am knowledgeable on many different areas of real estate, not just one specific area.” 
With excellent interest rates available to buyers, Gigi helps clients maneuver through the process and leads them in the proper direction. With a background in new home construction, she will thoroughly and objectively evaluate your home’s condition and features to properly assess how it competes in the current market; she will also give tips and ideas about staging your home to show its maximum potential. 
She covers mostly residential sales in the Tampa Bay Area, favoring Westchase and surrounding communities - an area that she has lived in for 17 years. 
What you may not know is that with every home bought or sold, you are helping save the lives of dogs and cats rescued by her local nonprofit animal rescue. Gigi donates $500 to Paw Print Hearts, her 501c3 cat and dog rescue. 
 Gigi founded her charity organization after witnessing firsthand as a volunteer how many dogs were euthanized in the Pet Resource Center, formerly Hillsborough County Animal Shelter. She decided not only to be the resource for families looking to find their perfect home, but provide homes for euthanasia listed dogs and cats that were in need of a miracle. 
“From every home that I sell on either the buyer’s or seller’s side I will donate $500.00 to the rescue. That will go towards paying boarding fees or vet bills for dogs that would have otherwise been euthanized by our county shelter; instead we give them a second chance at finding their forever home.” 
The About Us section of Paw Print Hearts explains exactly why this very busy full-time realtor opened her heart to four-legged customers. “After watching great dogs die in high kill shelters, I decided to do something about it by partnering with out of state shelters who have space to take our dogs and find them their forever homes, or search for local homes for those that cannot go on transport by holding weekly adoption events.” 

Gigi Gauthier

Gigi Gauthier

An advocate for those that can’t speak, Gigi’s Paw Print Hearts has saved the lives of approximately 740 dogs and 90 cats since its inception in 2014. 
“We rescue all breed dogs. The majority of the dogs being euthanized every day at county shelters are pit bulls.” 
Gigi stressed that proper spaying and neutering by responsible owners would significantly lower the animal shelter population, especially for the larger breeds with poor, often unfounded, reputations like the pit bulls. 
She says, “Statistics show that 1 in 600 make it out alive from county shelters, but people continue to breed their dogs and not spay or neuter them.” 
Gigi currently has 1 cat and 30 dogs seeking their forever homes. If adopting is not possible, Paw Print Hearts seeks volunteers that can open their home for fostering the rescues. 
Gigi holds fundraising events to try to raise money and is always looking for corporate sponsors or event locations that can help. She recommends checking her Facebook page and the website for upcoming fundraisers for her rescue. 
In addition, the nonprofit can use assistance in several other areas. The funds are used for transportation, boarding, vetting, medical treatment, and food for the animals that Gigi has saved, and for the future rescues. Anyone interested in volunteering, fostering, or adopting an animal can apply directly on the Paw Print Hearts website. 
“We need donations, company sponsors for our dogs or people interested in holding fundraising events. Volunteers are always needed, as well as foster homes for our animals,” Gigi explained. “Our mission is to rescue. Our dream is that some day we won’t have to.” 
For more information about Paw Print Hearts, to make a donation, volunteer, foster or rescue a dog or cat, visit their web page or Facebook at
For help finding your dream home, contact Gigi Gauthier. Gigi is a licensed real estate agent with Charles Rutenberg Realty. With 17 years of real estate experience in the Tampa Bay area, she can help you find your new forever home. If you’re looking to buy a new home or want to sell your current one, put her expert knowledge to work for you today and call her at (813) 333-2499 or (813) 928-0743 or visit her website at

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