Local Author Pens The Adventures of the Magical Pajamas Series

Published on 3 July 2014 in News
Julie Kanehl (author)

Julie Kanehl

Local father and author Anthony Pesce with his wife Liza and their sons who were the inspiration behind the book that makes bedtime fun for kids.

Local father and author Anthony Pesce with his wife Liza and their sons who were the inspiration behind the book that makes bedtime fun for kids.

If you have young kids, you know how the bedtime routine can go. The goal is to have a squeaky clean, happy and cuddly youngster ready to sit in your lap for a story before eagerly and excitedly hopping into bed. I mean, we’re excited about the thought of sleeping, why aren’t they? Well, one day a local father of two was wondering the same thing when his son came in to see him dressed head to toe like a firefighter – hat and all, with a book in his hand, saying “I’m ready for bed!” That same father was just about to say, “You can’t wear that to bed,” when he paused and thought, “Why not?” In fact, it spurred an idea that became a book, and that book is well on its way to becoming a popular series of children’s books that puts children right into the story, for each book comes with a matching pair of pajamas!

That father is Anthony Pesce, an inspiring young man and married father of two boys. Pesce’s positive attitude and hard work ethic have made him a success in other fields of work, from owning his own car detailing company, to doing marketing and PR for the ceiling repair company that he now owns. Pesce has more than enough to keep himself busy, but he thought that maybe a book that encouraged kids to read before bed, one that would encourage children to chase their dreams, and help with the going-to-bed-routine in the process was a good idea. He was right! Parents and kids agree!

Anthony’s real passion is helping families to grow closer and spend quality time together before bed, while encouraging an early love of reading. He praises his wife, Liza, for always reading to their children every night, and believes that books, like his new series, are a great way for children to gain confidence in reading.

Pesce says, “Our motto is ‘Dream big and anything can happen!’ Each book comes with a pair of pajamas that matches the ones in the book, and it makes the children feel like they’re part of the story! They get dressed up to go to bed! That’s the key to it. It lets their imagination run wild.” He adds, “It also gives kids insight into other people’s occupations. They know what their moms and dads do, but they don’t necessarily know what other people do.”

The Adventures of the Magical Pajamas series begins with main character, Jacob, who is giving his mother a hard time about getting ready for bed. Well, this smart mom offers Jacob some Magical Pajamas that happen to look like a firefighter’s suit. Jacob, who dreams of becoming a firefighter some day, jumps into his pajamas, races into bed, and is off on an adventure to save the day!

This beautifully written children’s book has become a bit of a local sensation, with books and matching pajamas being sold nearby at The Turtle’s Nest, which is in the Trinity Village Center Plaza, as well as on their website. As Pesce began to share The Adventures of the Magical Pajamas, he was excited to see that children of all ages wanted to read it! Soon he was ordering pajamas in larger sizes!

“Originally, I was only ordering small pajamas, but I’ve had so many children of all ages request pajamas, that now I’m ordering sizes for children up to 10 years old,” Pesce said.

Since his first book has come out, Pesce has experienced a lot of success around here, and word is getting out! He’s even been invited to share his story and his passion for young readers at local schools and churches. In fact people from all over are starting to catch on, Pesce just returned from New York City, where he had a popular booth at an Expo there. The Adventures of the Magical Pajamas was a huge hit in NYC!

Pesce says, “I’ve written 13 books in the series, and I have three books going to press right now. It’s exciting! The next three to come out feature a zookeeper, a police officer and a chef.”

What a great opportunity for children to put the electronics down and spend quality time, whether parents are doing the reading, or early readers are doing the reading themselves. If you’re looking for a great book that will inspire your children to read, while teaching them about helping others, you’re going to love The Adventures of the Magical Pajamas series!

The Adventures of the Magical Pajamas is available to be ordered through their website at www.pajamaadventures.com, as well as from The Turtle’s Nest in the Trinity Village Center Plaza. More adventures are coming, so stay tuned to all the magic happening by liking their Facebook page! Anthony Pesce is available to share his book series with children of all ages, so if you’d like to have The Adventures of the Magical Pajamas visit your school or organization, contact Anthony Pesce at AnthonyPesce@yahoo.com

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