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Published on 21 July 2015 in Business
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Deborah Bostock-Kelley


Location(s): Victory Gymnastics
Victory Gymnastics

Victory Gymnastics

Located in Oldsmar, Victory Gymnastics Training Center’s mission statement proudly reads: 

Victory’s goal is to develop a world-class training program to continuously produce local, state, regional, national and international competitors. Dedication, desire, courage, respect and a serious work ethic are some of the traits the coaching staff wishes to instill in its young gymnasts. 

Co-owned by Head Coach Viktor Savitski and Business Director Tanya Wray-Savitski, Victory Gymnastics was founded as a way to educate and train, while still making becoming a champion fun. 
While a student in their summer camp program, eight year old Mary Nuyianez explained her favorite part of the camp, “I like the bars because I like to swing around because I’m like a monkey everywhere,” her fellow camper is striving to reach the highest goal. 
“I want to go to the Olympics,” said Avery Schuesler, 11. 
Since opening their doors, Victory Gymnastics has seen their fair share of champions. A testament to this, the reception area is filled with tall trophies and plaques boasting the talents of hardworking gymnasts of all ages who train there. 
Tanya says, “Victory Gymnastics Training Center had a fantastic Competitive 2014-2015 Season! Our owners, coaches, and parents couldn't be more proud of these young athletes!” Victory had numerous State Champions in each level and would like to recognize them here: 
Brianna- Vault 
Sydney- Beam 

Bella- Vault 
Paige- Vault 

Jazmine- Floor 
Bridget- Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, and All-Around 
Alexa- Vault and Beam 

Anna - Vault, Bars, Floor, and All-Around 
Miranda- Vault 
Katie- Beam 
Rebekah- Vault 

Alex- Vault 
Emma- Vault, Bars, Floor, and All-Around 

Farin- Beam 

We would also like to recognize our regional qualifiers: 

Level 8 

Level 9 

Victory Gymnastics

Victory Gymnastics

“We also have a graduating senior Raegan Gunderson who will be attending Florida State University in the fall,” adds Tanya. “Raegan has trained with Victory for 7 years and has won several State Championships! She also coaches our future champions and is a wonderful role model. We will dearly miss her spirit in our gym!” 
Victory Gymnastics has an excellent team of coaches, lead by Head Coach Viktor Savitski, a former Elite gymnast from Ukraine and a National Team Member with a Masters Degree in Physical Education. During the past 30 years, he has coached an Olympic Bronze Medalist, Wendy Bruce, Olympians Morgan White, Mohini Bhardwej, and National Champion Ashley Shible. Savitski is joined by team coach Philippe Flegeau, Team Coach Tracy Bartlett, Recreational Program Director and Team Coach Quincey Canham, Recreational Coach Irina Gagarine, pre-school and Recreational Coach Jennifer Piccari and Team Coach Carina Michellone. 
The spacious 13,000 square foot gym is fully equipped for children to train on the balance beam, bars, floor and vault. Instructors are USAG Safety Certified, background checked, and anyone coaching at competitive levels, has completed all the specialized training necessary. 

At Victory Gymnastics they even have programs for the very young, and boys and girls can start as young as 18 months through their Parent and Me Class. 
After age three, Mini-Stars teaches the student circuits and basic gymnastics positions, as well as tumbling skills, bar elements, and balancing skills. Super Stars is by invitation only and holds the best of the best of the three to five year old age-range. 

After age five, boys continue to train with “Oldsmar Boys” Gymnastics, located within Victory’s Gym, while girls begin their progression from Level 1 to Level 3 recreational gymnastics, to competing in a team. “We are a professional gymnastics school. The students master each level and eventually they can choose to compete in a team, if they want to,” said Tanya. 
If you’re not sure if your child will take to gymnastics, Victory offers a free trial class to test the waters. If they’re anything like nine year old Fallon Johnson, who’s been training for 4 years and is excited about her first competition this fall, they’ll definitely be back. “I’ve been doing this since first grade. I love the floor because you get to do all sorts of tricks – especially front walkovers,” said Fallon. “I like it here. I love doing the skills.” 
“Yeah,” Avery added. “If you’re almost there and you’re so close, they say you can do it! This will be our first competition in September.” 

Besides their Summer Camp, in addition to gymnastics and tumbling classes for all skill levels, Victory Gymnastics Training Center also offers camps during Thanksgiving, winter and spring. They also offer Open Gym times, gym rentals, and private lessons. 
You don’t need to be a gymnast to have fun at Victory Gymnastics Training Center. The Center offers a 90-minute birthday party that includes an obstacle courses, a 20 foot Tumble Track, trampoline and other games and activities. All you need is the cake and the birthday child! During summer, the Birthday Party Room serves double-duty during camp as a lunchroom. 
While at Victory Gymnastics, don’t forget to check out their pro shop. Filled with everything a gymnast might need, including hand tape and leotards to snacks and drinks to keep the hard-workers hydrated, Victory’s pro shop is a one-stop shop for all of your gymnastics-related essentials. 
“We are very proud of the outstanding achievements of our gymnasts. Gymnastics is more than a sport – it can enhance the “brain/body” connection, help to develop social and organizational skills, improve sensory processing, postural control, bi-lateral integration and body awareness,” explained Tanya. “More importantly, these kids are having a lot of fun!” 

Victory Gymnastics Training Center is located at 805 Stevens Avenue in Oldsmar. To schedule your child’s “Free Trial Class,” or learn more about Victory’s Gymnastics’ programs, call (813) 925-0060 or visit online at


Victory Gymnastic Gymnast: Emma Brkljacic 

Emma Brkljacic

Emma Brkljacic

Twelve year old, Emma Brkljacic competed as a level 6 gymnast in the state meet in Coral Springs earlier this year. 
At her state meet she scored in first place in three events; bars, floor and vault. Her all around score was 37.975 putting her in first place for her level and age group. 
Emma is entering 7th grade at Dunedin Highland Middle School Center for Gifted Studies. She lives in Oldsmar with her parents and three siblings. Emma has been competing in gymnastics for six years, four of those years at Victory Training Center in Oldsmar. 
Emma would like to continue gymnastics throughout high school and into college. Her ambition is to attend Louisiana State University or the University of Florida and compete in gymnastics at the collegiate level while studying physical therapy.

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