Citrus Park Children’s Learning Academy- Using Technology to Prepare Your Child for Success!

Published on 2 August 2016 in Business
Alexis Selby (author)

Alexis Selby

Citrus Park Children's Learning Academy

Citrus Park Children's Learning Academy

Utilizing technology to help children prepare and excel in this ever changing tech-driven society, Citrus Park Children’s Learning Center is much more than your average daycare - they are a pioneer day care center leveraging technology and engagement activities to help enhance the early learning process. 
Recently implementing the use of tablets into their curriculum, at Citrus Park Children’s Learning Academy, children as young as 1 years old are taught how to use these exciting new gadgets. Not only does it make learning fun, but it also helps to prepare them for the future, as proper understanding of technology is extremely important in today’s world. And the best part is, all tablets are provided by Citrus Park Children’s Learning Academy, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own! 

Citrus Park Children's Learning Academy

Citrus Park Children's Learning Academy

“Many of the activities we teach are taught on tablets, such as word and number exercises, spelling, and much more,” says owner and director Shambray Levy. “We want the children to get used to using the tablets. Once they are completed with their work, we also allow them some time to play games on the tablets because it’s also important to have fun!” 
While many shy away from technology and games for learning, this center focuses on helping their students to look more deeply into a concept and work with each student’s individual learning style using a variety of techniques and tools. Today’s young people are individuals who have been engaged in virtual play and learning at a very early age, through cell phones, tablets and video games, and when the formal learning environment does not keep pace, students can become bored. 
“We have a lot of things to offer,” says Shambray, “better space, an excellent curriculum and great learning techniques. In addition, our prices are very affordable and there are no registration fees.” Shambray runs Citrus Park Children’s Learning Academy with the help of her attentive, caring staff, and together they strive to provide a positive, fun experience for children of all ages, from pre-school age through 11 years old. Shambray adds, “We are very loving, and strive to be your child’s home away from home.” 

Skills Mastery 

Through the use of software, students are taught to reinforce their skills, which are then mastered in real time classroom activities. The students can work towards a goal, choose actions and experience the consequence of an action along the way; which can later lead to a teachable moment. This method keeps the students highly engaged in practicing behaviors and through this process can easily transfer to real life application. Software programs, if used correctly, can both improve and enhance a young child’s coordination and visual skills. It helps to challenge kids to become better by motivating them with problems, as well as increasing their creativity, critical thinking and spatial reasoning. 
The use of technology and software can be challenging, entertaining, and complicated, which in turn will improve, rather than deteriorate, concentration. For instance, recent studies have determined that software users are able to keep track of and pick out objects from a cluttered environment better than a child of the same age who has rarely interacted with these learning methods. At Citrus Park Children’s Learning Academy the software is specifically selected as resources to teach and reinforce academic area, such as math, reading, science, and even foreign language. 
Shambray says, “I love being around the kids and helping to teach them things that they might not be able to learn at home. We are not just a day care center. Your child is actually learning. But, we still have fun too!” 


 The instructors at Citrus Park Learning Academy also use educational software to help teach children how to collaborate with others. Students are paired with others to learn how to work in teams, which is essential to future success in the public school system. Through the process of collaboration, young people learn to share, seek the help of others, share tasks, support each other, and understand the value of collective wisdom. This method not only keeps the students up to speed academically, but the interaction with their peers and the support of their classmates is an enormous incentive to learning. 

Citrus Park Children's Learning Academy

Citrus Park Children's Learning Academy

Problem Solving 

Another benefit of this new approach is that the child learns other valuable lessons, such as how to handle mistakes, allowing them to explore options and stay persistent until a solution evolves. Through this cycle of trying and failing and than trying again, a child, when supplemented with guided instruction, discovers how to be successful with life’s challenges. Using software products helps the young mind to learn that there is often more than one way to achieve a goal. At a young age, children learn how to trouble shoot, problem solve, and collaborate with others to find solutions. 
Citrus Park Children’s Learning Academy – “where we grow tomorrow’s leaders” – can help provide the foundation your child will need to navigate their learning in a rapidly changing world. 

VPK Program - New to Citrus Park Children’s 

Learning Academy Citrus Park Children’s Learning Academy has officially opened registration for their VPK program, which is something they just began offering this year as a better way to serve their growing number of children. Open to children 4 and 5 years old, this intensive hands-on program will them a jump start by preparing them for school and enhancing their pre-reading, premath, language and social skills. Developing the skills children need to become strong readers and students at an early age, the instructors at Citrus Park Children’s Learning Academy offer high-quality programs that cover a variety of different topics. 
The VPK program starts August 10, so register now before it’s too late! 
Citrus Park Children’s Learning Academy is located at the corner of Gunn Hwy and Beaty Grove Drive at 8003 Beaty Grove Drive in Tampa. The academy is open Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. For more information please call (813) 510- 3901 or (813) 270-0100, email or visit

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