Local Highschool Students Showcase Their Art at The City of Oldsmar’s Art Gallery

Published on 2 August 2016 in Events
Alexis Selby (editor)

Alexis Selby

Airheads by Norys Curbelo

Airheads by Norys Curbelo

Alonso High School student artists are proud to announce that they will be displaying their one-of-a-kind works of art that they have created throughout the year. Using different mediums and techniques they have created amazing works that are truly a must see. 
Also displaying their works are Teri Navajo and Tim Gibbons. 

Self-Portrait by Andrew Ramirez

Self-Portrait by Andrew Ramirez

Teri Navajo 
Teri Navajo is an abstract artist with pieces that are whimsical, quirky, vibrant and playful. Ms. Navajo studied art at Hillsborough Community College under the direction of Tim Gibbons and was noted as a 2016 Emerging Artist at the 46th Annual Gasparilla Festival of the Arts. 
Tim Gibbons 
Science and humor go hand and hand in the art of Tim Gibbons. His belief is that art is a reflection of life, built upon a foundation of mystery, amusement, exploration, experience and most importantly, serendipity. It is a personal adventure and expression of opinions, emotions, and happiness. As an art professor, he believes “the main thing is to have fun and enjoy the journey of creation." 
These works will be on display in Oldsmar City Hall, 100 State Street, Monday – Friday 8a.m. - 5p.m., July – August, 2016.

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