AYA Offering $250 to Find Host Family

Published on 2 August 2016 in Events
AYA has $250 for anyone who helps them find a host family for their exchange students. They are 1 month from school starting and have a few students in need of a host family. They can still get a student or two enrolled at Alonso HS and possibly one at Sickles HS. 
Their main focus at the moment is to find a wonderful host family for Patsita "Kiaw" from Thailand. 
“My experience with the Thai culture is that they are peaceful, generous, grateful & kind,” says AYA Coordinator Karen Rose. “That's why I'm actively looking to place another sweet Thai girl in our community.” 
Kiaw is 15 yrs old and is responsible, punctual and respectful. She has a close, loving relationship with her parents and older brother. She lives in a large city and enjoys going shopping with her mother and helping with dinner. On the weekends she often exercises with her mother, walking and biking in her neighborhood. She is responsible for the care of her two pet rabbits and in her free time she reads novels and listens to music. At school she is involved in the Science club and favors Math too. She makes friends easily, loves to help her classmates and is very kind. She is eager to learn new ideas and is motivated to live abroad. She anticipates living within a different culture and believes this experience will broaden her mind while further developing her English abilities. Kiaw would like to join a cooking class, go swimming and travel with her family to see the sights. She would like to watch baseball and American football games with friends, cook some traditional food for her family, and learn to cook traditional American cuisine. She thanks her new family for welcoming her into their community and home. 
Karen says, “If you or anyone you know can open your heart and home to be Kiaw's Permanent Host Family, or be a Welcome Host Family for her for a month which would allow us to enroll her at school and give us time to find a permanent family we would be forever grateful & AYA will send you $250 to thank you for helping us.” 

She adds “Please share this information about Kiaw with anyone that would be interested and let me know if you know anyone that can help us so I can let AYA know to send the $250 thank you reward after our student arrives.” 
For more information please call Karen Rose at (727) 329-8060 or (727) 686-3288 or email her at blossomingrose1112@hotmail.com. 
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