The Maids Are Here Clean Up So You Don’t Have To

Published on 3 September 2015 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley

The Maids Are Here

The Maids Are Here

Most people would rather have someone else do the dirty work. In today’s hectic pace, maid service has become an integral part of the monthly family budget. Once seen only as a luxury to the rich and famous, maids have become staples in working households who attempt to balance work and family, with little to no time for household chores. 
“More and more families are discovering the affordable benefits of having a dependable cleaning service, and once a new client starts with us they find so many more important moments to spend with family and friends or just relaxing by the pool,” explained Yamelis Imhof, founder of The Maids Are Here. “We love to bring that experience to our clients.” 
Finding a dependable maid service can be a difficult process. That is why Yamelis Imhof decided to make the selection process for choosing The Maids Are Here an easy one. Yamelis offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and the company is bonded, insured, and licensed for client’s protection. With a rigorous interview process, background check procedures, and in-depth training period, Yamelis assures that all of her employees are properly vetted. 

The Maids Are Here staff cherishes their clients and provides exceptional cleaning services for homes and businesses of all sizes. They are honest and hard-working and offer affordable options for every budget!

The Maids Are Here staff cherishes their clients and provides exceptional cleaning services for homes and businesses of all sizes. They are honest and hard-working and offer affordable options for every budget!

Many new clients are surprised to find out just how affordable Yamelis’ cleaning services are. “We give a fair price that is based on the client’s home and need,” she said. “When we have new clients we explain in detail exactly what we are going to do.” 
Imhof, born in Havana, Cuba and a naturalized United States Citizen, founded her company in 2008 and covers both Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. 
The Maids Are Here specializes in residential house cleaning, including Move In/Move Out Cleaning, Seasonal Deep Cleans, Ongoing Recurring Service, Special Occasion Cleanings, and even special Deep Cleans for homes that go on the market for sale. Prices vary by size of home and services requested, but The Maids Are Here offers free estimates online and by phone. 
“We have seen an increase in homes that are for sale calling for Deep Cleans. Everyone wants to buy a clean home and many times, the new owners stay with us to clean up once they have moved in and then we keep them clean all year long,” she said. 
Yamelis said the best way to choose a maid service is for the client to explain exactly what he or she is looking for. “Is it a Move Out, Special Occasion, etc.?” She asked, “Be sure the company can do that work. They should also know the size of their home; that helps set the price properly. Of course, you should always ask if the company is licensed, bonded, and insured – which we are. But, surprisingly many are not.” 
Imhof explained that the reasons why clients hire The Maids Are Here are as varied as the clients themselves and she loves hearing the stories behind her new clients. 
“Some have a recent operation and we help them heal by cleaning for them; some have been working more hours; some want to surprise their spouse; some are now pregnant and want to get the home ready; many others I think finally realize that it’s just better to let us clean it up,” she said, “Anytime you pick up the vacuum or the mop or the scrub brush, think hard what you’d really rather be doing, then call us and go do it. You can live your life and let us clean it up.” 
Imhof is proud of her employees and said that they are what separates her company from other maid services. Imhof says, “Part of this process is we have a survey discount that we give clients for taking our online survey after their cleaning. And then we reward our team members for those surveys.” 
Another benefit of The Maids Are Here is that it is pet-friendly. “We know how special your pets are to you and we take extra care to make sure they stay safe with minimal stress. We take extra care to make sure your pets also enjoy a fresh cleaned home,” she said. 
Imhof also offers special promotions on her website. Some discounts are for one-time services and others continue the client’s savings by choosing recurring services. 
“Everything starts by having the right team members that care like we do; we cherish our clients. We want to create raving fans of our clients,” Imhof said, “Everyone feels so energized and positive when they step into a clean and fresh smelling home. We clean and bring happiness.” 
To learn more about The Maids Are Here or to get a free quote, please call (813) 756-4697 or visit

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