Aesthetics Fairy Godmother Resides at 3 Wishes

Published on 31 August 2016 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley

3 Wishes Aesthetics

3 Wishes Aesthetics

Nurse practitioner Jenny Molloy is a Westchase Fairy Godmother, granting returned youth through the magic of science. It seems appropriate that the place where Jenny, in her starched white lab coat, waves her magic wand and erases the lines of time from your face is called 3 Wishes Aesthetics. 
Located at 11059 Countryway Boulevard, the tenants of her practice comes threefold – look well, feel well, live well and it is also the hot pink tagline on her business card. 

3 Wishes Aesthetics

3 Wishes Aesthetics

“When people look better, they feel better. When they feel well, they live better,” said Jenny. “My children call me the fairy godmother of a 15- year decade, so I had to come up with a name that was a little whimsical, but yet had some deep-rooted meeting for the practice.” 

In 2007, Jenny spent 6 months putting her ideas on a grease board, trying to devise the perfect design. She launched 3 Wishes Aesthetics in Harbor Island and relocated to Westchase in 2012. 
At 3 Wishes Aesthetics, Jenny does facial rejuvenation and artistry. Wielding the tiniest of a needle, she helps the evidence of the aging process virtually disappear. 

3 Wishes Aesthetics

3 Wishes Aesthetics

“I use my art to help people look better with my tools being Botox, dermal-fillers, and skin care.” A customer will come to a 30- minute no-pressure consultation and if they chose to get treatment, complete paperwork and receive selected service immediately following the initial meeting. 
Jenny doesn’t tell the clients what she sees needs improvement; rather, she hands them a mirror and asks what bothers them. 
“As women, we can spend hours nitpicking on what we see. I ask the client what is your goal? What would you like to improve? When they show me, then I share what I can do for them. We talk about what kind of outcomes they can expect, price, how long it lasts – overall, what to expect with the treatment.” 
Jenny refuses to allow the work she does on her clients to be glaringly obvious that they had work done. Rather, she stresses subtlety, aiding in the natural hiding of the lines and furrows, and using the art of dermalfillers to enhance cheeks, downturned mouths, and lips that have lost their youthful fullness. Her magic is considered achieved when the woman feels rejuvenated, but not overdone. 
“My philosophy is if you’ve had good work done, no one is going to notice it. Most people don’t want you knowing what they had done. That is my goal too. I want my patients walking out of here looking refreshed and beautiful, feeling really good about themselves, having had some time given to them and spent with them. We never want someone to ask, ‘eww, what did you do?’ “ 

3 Wishes Aesthetics

3 Wishes Aesthetics

Despite her services not always taking a full 60 minutes, each session is booked for one hour, allowing for a relaxing, unhurried treatment. Jenny’s perceives her services as a form of women’s health. 
“My practice is based on based on taking care of women and most women don’t want to come in here, be rushed and leave. They want to chat and might want to add something, so I give them that time.” 
And there is nothing cookiecutter about 3 Wishes Aesthetics. 
Jenny customizes every treatment for each patient. “I listen to the patient and let them direct their treatment plan.” With competition strong in the field, Jenny feels she stands out in several areas. 
“It’s my years of experience. I don’t do anything halfway, my prices are good, but more than that it’s my personal touch,” said Jenny. “I developed a special technique using dermal fillers to lift a saggy, downturned mouth, I call it mouth rejuvenation, beautiful, comfortable and less chance of a bruise.” 
The most common request Jenny receives is for Botox, to relax frown lines, forehead lines, and crows’ feet. An estimated 17 million people use Botox injections as a temporary solution to the permanence of aging. 
With the tension of the upcoming holidays now looming in front of her patients, Jenny is offering a Microneedling Skin Pin special to refresh, restore and get skin glowing. (During the month of September, Jenny is offering a discount on the Dynamic Duo of skin care. SkinPen Microneedling + Life Line ProPlus + Night cream, reg $491.00 for $420.00). 
Every six to eight weeks, skin cells replace themselves and each time the do, they age a bit. On top of natural aging, there is the sun and environmental exposure that age skin even more. Micro-needling makes miniscule micro-channels in the skin that reprogram the cells to act and look younger. The new cells that come in are actually better and healthier. 
“No heat, no chemicals,” said Jenny. “It’s very safe and painless. It feels more like vibration on the skin. Micro-needling tightens, brightens, and builds collagen. It improves overall skin health. It can even treat scars. The downtime is no makeup for 24 hours and you might be a little red when you leave.” 
Jenny also provides her patients with skincare products like Lifeline Pro Plus that she diligently researched and uses to increases the positive results of her facial artistry services. In addition to Botox, dermalfillers and micro-needling, Jenny offers another non-evasive treatment, Microcurrent that reduces under eye puffiness, sagging jowls, double chins and droopy eyebrows. 
She also offers an array of skin treatments including chemical peels and hydrating, anti-aging facials with names like Champagne Fizz and Sweet Treat Honey Facial. 
When asked what she enjoyed most about healing skin as a career, she did not hesitate to respond: “The people. I like taking care of people.” 
For more information or to make an appointment, call 813.852.1200 or visit
3 Wishes Aesthetics is located at 11059 Countryway Boulevard and is open Monday and Wednesday, 10am to 5pm, with late hours available Tuesday and Thursday, 10am to 7pm.

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