Pranique Offers a Sacred Space for Holistic Healing

Published on 31 August 2016 in Business
Deborah Bostock-Kelley (author)

Deborah Bostock-Kelley

LtoR – Violet Sullivan, Aerial Yoga Teacher, Loralie Disi, Studio Manager and Yoga Teacher, Charity Carolla, Owner, Alexis Clark, Client Services and Yoga Teacher.

LtoR – Violet Sullivan, Aerial Yoga Teacher, Loralie Disi, Studio Manager and Yoga Teacher, Charity Carolla, Owner, Alexis Clark, Client Services and Yoga Teacher.

The positive energy is tangible when you walk through the doors of Pranique Center. The hand-laid front desk is adorned with thousands of shiny pennies and the receptionist greets you with a friendly smile. The air is diffused with calming essential oil, relaxing seascapes play softly in the background, walls are adorned with commissioned artwork and the shelves are filled with unique spiritual jewelry, candles and everything that is good for your mind and body. A visit to Pranique can refresh a tired soul. 
In October 2015, Pranique opened at 400 Race Track Road, to become the antithesis of the demanding, fast-paced existence you face every day. Two determined women made it their goal to help you de-stress, detox, and relax. 

Violet doing some Aerial Yoga!

Violet doing some Aerial Yoga!

Named from combining Pranic and unique, from the vision of entrepreneurs Pranique instructor Nicole Fouche and Pranic Healer Charity Carollo was birthed a haven where men, women, and children can find emotional, physical, and spiritual healing in a quiet space that offers meditation, yoga, Pranic Healing and holistic therapies. 
Two holistic therapies include a Cocoon, an Infrared Sauna Bed that closes with only your head outside. Warm infrared light penetrates to heal and detoxify. An Aqua Massage Bed offers a dry full body massage through the use of pressurized water, and can increase circulation and help with pain. 
Pranique’s Pranic Healing sessions work with meridians to create balance in your body, both physically and energetically. Using the scientific “no touch” methodology, it removes unhealthy energy and transfers healthy energy (prana) to the affected areas. Chakra Balancing Sessions comes in 20, 30, and 60 minute intervals and can help with Relationship Healing, Abundance and Prosperity, Spirituality and Physical Healing. Conditions that benefit from Pranic Healing range from headaches and anxiety to Arthritis and Cancer. 

Pranique Yoga

Pranique Yoga

Pranique’s weekly meditation pampers you on an Infrared Jade Crystal Therapy Massage beds. Classes primarily follow the Twin Hearts meditation and address different topics like healing relationships, improving your finances, and restoring balance in your life. 
Whether you are just beginning yoga or have years of experience, Pranique offers classes for all skill levels: 
Amrit Yoga relaxes and rejuvenates, eliminating energy blocks. 
Vinyasa, the most popular yoga in the U.S., focuses on synchronized breathing with the continuous flow of postures. 
Svaroopa or Bliss Yoga uses a variety of poses to release tension throughout the body. 
Hatha Yoga helps you gain flexibility and strength, while becoming more relaxed. 

Restorative Yoga uses props and stretching, leaving you feeling open and refreshed. 
 Slow Flow Yoga relies on slow poses and breathing, suitable for beginners. 
 Yoga Nidra reaches your subconscious, relaxes, rejuvenates and renews your mind and body. 
Hot Box Yoga, done alone or with a friend, combines infrared sauna therapy with yoga, to detoxify your body, boost your immune system, and reduce pain. 
“A lot of men are doing Hot Box yoga,” said Charity. “As yoga is becoming more mainstream, we are seeing men doing Hot Box, Cocoon, and Aqua.” 
She is particularly excited about a new Tuesday and Thursday yoga class. 
“We’ve started Aerial Yoga,” she said. “It’s so fun to swing and I love the workout you get from Aerial Yoga.” 
To achieve a full body workout, Aerial Yoga involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics in a hammock-like apparatus. 

Pranique Yoga

Pranique Yoga

When you leave the center, you can take your wellness “to go,” continue your healing and enhance your Pranique experience. 
“We designed products around the three basic chakras, and will be adding more in the future,” said Charity. 
Safe and gentle, containing nothing artificial, all of the products created are locally manufactured and are all essential oil-based with healing properties. Each one has a specific purpose and energy effects. 
The Prosperity products are very invigorating and focus on bringing in energy of abundance. Prosperity targets the lower chakras. 
The Love product line targets primarily the heart and solar plexus. “Love is really good for stress, forgiveness, and it helps to cultivate an energy of love and bliss,” Loralie Disi, studio manager and yoga instructor, explained. “Love is probably our top seller.” 
Targeting the upper chakras, the Divinity line helps clients connect with their Divine Higher Self. The product works particularly well for those who suffer from sleep issues. It can also be used to enhance relaxation during meditation. 
Prosperity, Love, and Divinity offers clients a Salt Scrub, Moisturizer, Salt Body Wash, Bath Salts, Aura Spray, and Essential Oils. All products contain a little salt which has many healing properties and works to cleanse negative energy and stress. 
“We are planning on building a salt cave in the next 30 days,” said Charity. “Salt removes all negative ions and has so many healing properties.” 
In September, Pranique is offering its Hot Box Yoga for just $29.95 per month, Yoga Classes for $59.95 per month, and Seniors 60+ and Military Veterans can always benefit from the Silver Warriors Package, 1 class per week for $99 annually. 
Charity encourages those interested in learning more about Pranique and see what sessions are available, download their app, available for Android and iPhone. 
“Five years from now, I see us being franchised and growing, with a magazine discussing everything that is good for you – mind, body, and spirit. Five years from now, we are thriving with tons of people healed and joyful mind, body, and soul.” 
For more information, visit or call 813.510.4972. Pranique is located at 400 North Race Track Road in Oldsmar and is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8am-830pm, Tuesday and Thursday, 7am- 830pm, and weekends 9am-2pm. Connect with Pranique on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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  • LtoR – Violet Sullivan, Aerial Yoga Teacher, Loralie Disi, Studio Manager and Yoga Teacher, Charity Carolla, Owner, Alexis Clark, Client Services and Yoga Teacher.
  • Violet doing some Aerial Yoga!
  • Pranique Yoga
  • Pranique Yoga
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