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Published on 4 October 2013 in Business
Erin Aldrich (author)

Erin Aldrich


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So you are not fond of visiting the dentist? Well, let’s be honest, it is not commonly looked upon as one of life’s thrills; but what if there was a way to make it a whole lot more enjoyable?

At Mangrove Bay Dentistry, they aim to make this happen, one patient at a time, one smile at a time. When I sat down with Toan Tran, DMD, it was as though I was speaking with a friend. It became very clear to me at the onset of our conversation the reasons why patient reviews online stated things like, “extreme patience, understanding and informative” and "never have I been in a dentist’s office where everyone there was so concerned about my well-being; the care taken to assure that I was comfortable was the best I ever had”.

Our conversation continued, as he explained where his inspiration for dentistry began, and it did not take me much longer to conclude he chose, and remains in his profession for all the right reasons. Upon completing work-study at a dentist’s office during his undergraduate years at the University of Florida, Dr. Tran made a few decisions about what his dental practice would entail. For him, developing meaningful relationships with his patients was his first priority, and his second was ensuring a comfort level of each individual patient that goes far beyond the initial visit.

Dr. Tran’s awareness of the existing stigma and horror stories we often here about visiting the dentist is something he seeks to change by really getting to know his patients. He says, “Even if I am able to curb their anxiety and fear slightly, their worries will be less and less over time.” At Mangrove Bay Dentistry, you are not just another filling, crown or cosmetic request; you are treated as a person and your smile are given individualize care. Instead of just informing patients of potential dental problems and treatments, Dr. Tran and his TEAM educate and present color photos to help you better understand your options.

They also take it a step further by making sure you feel as comfortable as possible and helping you to find a solution that best fits your needs. Outstanding customer service and individualized personal care are top priorities at each appointment and procedure and the TEAM takes the time to recognize what makes each patient’s situation unique and develops a dental plan that best fits their desired goal.

Only the Newest and Greatest Dental Technology

Equipped with the latest and most innovative dental technology, Mangrove Bay Dentistry offers digital x-rays, which are not only more efficient, but also emit about 90% less radiation than the traditional film. In addition, this new type of x-ray provides a clearer and more concise representation of your teeth because the beam is more directly focused. There is less shadow and more highlighting when it comes to the quality of the xray. Furthermore, there is practically no wait time for processing, because no chemicals are needed for processing the films, thus, help protecting our environment.

Mangrove Bay also takes the guesswork out of diagnosing dental issues by using an intraoral camera to take photos of your teeth. This special camera produces color pictures, allowing you to see the problem for yourself firsthand and in color. This clears up confusion and helps patients to understand both the diagnosis and what the next steps involve. This type of camera is especially beneficial to patients interested in cosmetic services because it provides clearer photos of discoloration and unevenness of teeth.

Continuing Education – The Power of Patient Knowledge

Dr. Tran and his TEAM regularly attend dental conventions both in and out of state, including, most recently, the Florida National Dental Convention and the West Coast District Dental Conference. By continually updating their education, the TEAM at Mangrove Bay Dentistry is able to stay up-to-date on current 22 OCTOBER 2013 For Ad Info Call (813) 928-6124 or Visit Westchase Area Neighborhood News “Mangrove Bay” Continued from page 1 procedures and techniques, enabling them to better educate their patients on potential and preventable dental concerns.

Since each patient’s situation is unique, Dr. Tran is careful to consider particular conditions that may influence the dental health choices of a patient. His entire TEAM is on board too; “Our credentials matter very little to patients if we are not meeting their needs”, says Dr. Tran.

Patient education is taken just as seriously as the treatment provided. During each visit, all patients are introduced and made well equipped with new dental knowledge. Dr. Tran also invites adult patients to bring their children so they can experience an exam room setting in an effort to help ease anxiety and fears before their first visit, setting the stage for trust before the first appointment actually takes place. Dr. Tran says “If a child is exposed to the dental setting before there is a problem, the child is more likely to be comforted when a problem occurs.” Dr. Tran makes efforts to nurture this important foundational piece in his practice with children. Again, the power of knowledge at any age helps to ease discomfort and prevent potential dental health concerns before they have a chance to occur. Dr. Tran and his team also extend their knowledge and teachings to local area schools where they have participated on numerous occasions for school health days as well as the Great American Teach-In.

At Mangrove Bay Dentistry, customer service and building meaningful relationships with patients is at the core of their practice. This, along with many other factors sets Mangrove Bay Dentistry at the top of their field. “We are more concerned with making our patients feel comfortable and getting to know their individual needs and goals rather than over scheduling and having them wait.”, said Dr. Tran; a recipe that has provided Mangrove Bay Dentistry with the sweetest of results – an array of patients whom they also call their friends. So whether you are visiting for a routine exam or a more complex cosmetic procedure, Mangrove Bay Dentistry has the methodology, knowledge and experience to guarantee your visit will leave you smiling from ear to ear!

Mangrove Bay Dentistry is located at 13998 West Hillsborough in Tampa. Appointments may be booked online at or by calling (813) 891-9898. Hours are Mon. – Fri. 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. with evening appointments available. Please visit, like and follow them on Facebook for announcements, dental posts and customer appreciation opportunties; and check in future issues of the Westchase Neighborhood News for upcoming holiday specials.

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