Sweet Magnolia Bakery - The Sweetest , From Scratch, Treats in Town!

With two locations, Sweet Magnolia Bakery is able to serve up the sweetest treats in town to Westchase and St. Pete dessert lovers. Offering treats that are fresh-made daily with a homestyle, handmade flair - Sweet Magnolia Bakery creates delicious desserts that you can enjoy in-shop, at home or at your next event! The creative and imaginative goodies have the warmth and love baked into them that you would expect from a homemade from scratch goodie that is made with only the best ingredients. Sweet Magnolia Bakery is sweet magic from scratch, baked fresh and served with a smile.

Donna's Cleaning Angels, Simply THE BEST

Donna's Cleaning Angel

“Welcome to the world of Donna’s Cleaning Angels,” says owner Donna Ferrante. “If you are looking for more than just a cleaning service, we can provide you with the total package.” 

Donna has built a solid reputation for exceptional service and a superior outcome, which her customers have shown their appreciation for by recommending her cleaning business to family and friends for over two decades.  

Roy Hooker, State Farm Agent

Local State Farm Agents Gives Customers Peace of Mind

Recently Hurricane Irma’s near miss of hundreds, if not thousands, of homes in Tampa Bay created many questions for homeowners and renters throughout our area.  Once a hurricane is named, pending the timing of the approach to a certain area, insurance companies place a moratorium on the binding of new business. For those individuals that want to purchase Flood insurance, there is a thirty day wait before it can go into effect. During the days leading up to Hurricane Irma, State Farm insurance agent Roy Hooker and his staff have been extremely busy helping their clients review their coverages and purchasing needed insurance.

Westchase Colonics has a bright, cheery office, allowing patients to relax in a comfortable stress-free setting.

A Happier You Starts from Within!

Every day our bodies are being battered with pollutants from food, air, and stress, so it stands to reason that when your colon is cleansed and re-hydrated the well-being of your entire body is enhanced.

At Westchase Colonics, Missy Belmonte’s focus is natural digestive health by offering colonic irrigation, far infrared sauna detox, digestive supplements and more. You get all this for $237!

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